Meet Deborah, our 2D Game Artist

  • Date: January 31, 2017
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

Deborah is a very talented 2D game artist, creating all kinds of art at Concrete Software for over four years. She received her Illustration degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and joined our team shortly after. Deborah adds spunk to our company with her high energy and creativity (and little bit of San Antonio sass). In her spare time she enjoys playing basketball and floor hockey with her friends and cuddling up with her adorable puggle Sandji.

At Concrete Software Deborah creates characters, backgrounds, textures, and attractive promotional artwork for our games. Here are just a few of the Aces Cribbage characters she created!

Although Deborah loves creating 2D art for all of the games, Arctic Cat Extreme Snowmobile Racing is Deborah’s favorite because she thinks it’s one of Concrete’s most fun games. “There’s also so much room for new content in Arctic Cat and it’s so much fun making new sleds and levels for it,” she says. Deborah creates just about all of the artwork in the game and has been the lead artist since the game’s initial design.

While Deborah certainly knows her 2D art, she finds herself learning new things every day. “I’m still constantly learning and that’s what I really like about this job is that I have to keep up. I have to continue learning programs, like Zbrush and Maya.” Deborah is also adding 3D to her list of skills at Concrete. She says, “3D is not something that comes naturally to me, so as a professional I have to learn 3D and all that software as part of my skill-set”. To other aspiring artists Deborah says, “Keep your skillset up-to-date. Make yourself valuable!”

Rapala® Fishing Daily Catch Update 1.4 is Here!

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  • Posted by: Concrete Software

e7e29fa443fcf3f677bd2fc84b51ce9d.originalMINNEAPOLIS – January 26, 2017 – Concrete Software has updated Rapala® Fishing Daily Catch! Our brand-new tutorial makes getting into the game even easier for new players and works great for anyone who wants a refresher on the fundamentals. We’ve improved casting, tweaked the controls for hooking fish, and made fish attraction patterns much easier with on-screen prompts. Just wait until you see the improvements to leveling-up! Reward times are also now variable and more valuable than ever!

It’s fishin’ time!

Update now available for iOS and Android.